Eric's IMDB Page:

"Pearl Jam Twenty" Reviews

The Navigator Live
5 part music series for Live Nation and the Renaissance Hotels airing on the AXS TV Network:

GQ Magic City
Lauren Greenfield Documentary about the legendary Atlanta strip club:

Passion Projects - Producer Robert Trujillo

Mixed Jaco – documentary

Kristen Chenoweth Special for PBS

Hosted the 5.1 mixes w/ Engineer David Reitzas

Cameron Crowe - Vinyl Films

Aloha Mixed BluRay extras including behind the scenes documentary, director commentary and deleted scenes.

Singles Blu Ray extras including deleted scenes and new mixes of Alice In Chains and Soundgarden

Vanilla Sky Blu Ray extras for including a new 25 minute ending, 17 deleted scenes and director commentary.

We Bought A Zoo – Mixed the DVD extras

Tremolo Productions

11 videos for the new Barbara Streisand album “Partners":

Rolling Stones Documentary "Crossfire Hurricane" - Mixed the Trailer

"Counting The World" UN Census documentary

2 songs for the soundtrack to the Academy Award wining documentary “Twenty Feet From Stardom”

Promotional film for the Getty Founders

Appeal To Reason

PSA’s for the “We Are The Wild” campaign

Comedy Special for KCET

Nancy Wilson - Score for CNN Heroes - recorded and mixed

Nancy Wilson - Recorded and mixed "Decatur Road" for the "My Favorite Martin"
tribute CD